Moving Towards A Goal

We have had a goal.   For a while… probably for almost four years.   We want to live as self-sufficiently as possible. This is a good goal, and we have been doing many things to make it happen. We had chickens for eggs, rabbits for fertilizer (we call them “bunny berries”!), as much garden … Continue reading

The Question

As I stood there, stunned into silence, (which if you know me, you know is a rarity!), I fumbled for an answer. “What do you DO all day?!” I was at a loss for words. I am never at a loss for something to do, so it was a bit odd. I am a person … Continue reading

April Challenge!

So I have a challenge for April.  Erica from Northwest Edible Life posted a great idea on her blog. Use  April to eat only from your larder. Use up the canning and freezing and dehydrating now, so that come summer, we can replace our stash with new stuff!  No eating out or buying from store. … Continue reading

Canning Madness!!

I may have a problem.   Or an addiction.    Perhaps a compulsion??   I can’t stop canning!!   I have canned everything from potatoes to mushrooms to citrus fruit, tomatoes,pickles,relish, jam. stock… I canned last week! And I will do it again…. Is that wrong?    


Decluttering. We hear it everywhere this time of year. How to declutter in 30 days. Declutter in 5 easy steps. The best system to declutter your life. And you can buy ALL kinds of containers to do it too!   Maybe a pause for reflection is in order here. Maybe we should question WHY do … Continue reading

  Happy New Year!   Wish the sun was still shining today, however we have snow coming down with enough wind to make it messy!! The chickens and rabbits are snug in their shed. And I have a batch of potato bread rising. It will be baked off before I go to work tonight. We … Continue reading

Hard to wait….

    It’s so hard to be patient when I know what’s coming!! In our area we have to wait until at least May 24th or risk a frost. I want tomatoes!!   Soon….very soon!!!

Looking ahead!

Well..another growing season is upon us. Soon we will be planting and plotting another garden year. Will it look the same as last year? Probably not…but that is the fun part of gardening! You can never tell what each year will bring and you change everything if you want!!   Happy Gardening everyone!

Changes and choices

We are going through some more changes here. As we have been trying to live a more self-sufficient life and do more things for ourselves, we have begun to understand how much things have changed, just in the last 50 years. There are so many unnecessary products to spend your money on!! And many,  if not most, … Continue reading