I have spent the last several years deliberately removing plastic from our home.

I don’t like that plastic never completely degrades and remains in tiny pieces….forever! Did you know that every bit of plastic ever made is still in our environment?

I also don’t like the thought of it breaking down and releasing chemicals into my food. Think about that old plastic food container in the cupboard….you know how it starts feeling sticky?

I store my dry goods in glass.

I use glass in my fridge.

But I am defeated.

Recently we butchered our first ten meat chickens raised here on the farm. We bought Cornish Rocks from The Tractor Supply Company this spring along with layers.

They got big fast!

But from a practical point of view, trying to freeze that much meat..almost 90 lbs!…in glass jars and freezer paper did me in.

My husband pointed out that we strive to be thoughtful and consistent in avoiding plastic whenever we can. But sometimes we have to compromise.

So my freezer is full of homegrown and DELICIOUS chicken.

Even if it is in plastic.


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