Scared to death…

Well it has definitely been an interesting year.

I have taken my life, dumped it in a pail, shook it up hard…and then let it fly!!

And for those who know me, giving up control and just letting things happen, is scary to me beyond words.

I have been told that I may have a TINY control issue…..

Anyways… I have let go.I have taken my hands off the controls. I have been living day by day. 
And I’m fine !

I grew things I thought wouldn’t grow.

Seen beautiful sunsets, 

glorious sunrises,

even gotten married !

This place is now my home. My husband and my life are here now.

There will be many adventures to come and much more to do. (There are no chickens..yet)

But I am excited about the future and this new home for us. 

Even though it is a work in progress!

We will keep on working and I will be writing here about it all…the good, the bad and the funny.

Until next time,may the bluebird of happiness find you too!


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