A Little Perspective 

Sometimes we get so focused on just doing the day to day routines that we lose sight of where we really are.

It’s easy in the daily rhythm of living… washing dishes… doing laundry… cooking meals…. to forget what has been accomplished!

This was the beginning.  Notice the propane heater by the rocker? That was the only heat while I was doing the initial clean up! The smell was atrocious  (the occupants who abandoned the property had also abandoned their pets who used the carpets as a bathroom….and then the house sat empty for at least three years) and I hoped we could get it out. We did!

I didn’t think I would have much of a garden.  It went in late and I wasn’t able to start anything myself, so I had to buy plants from a local nursery. I only got a few things in, beans,zucchini, squash, potatoes and the tomato, pepper and cabbage  plants I purchased. 

Well…..even though it has been one of the hottest and driest summers I can remember, that garden has blessed us !!

As we begin to prepare for winter, I realize that while there is still much to do, we really have come a long way!

We cleaned the woodstove and chimney up yesterday and made plans for fire wood. It will be a bit different than last year as we have electricity AND running water now!! 

I am looking forward to settling in here and learning the rhythms of the land. Next year I plan to have my greenhouse (of some sort!)  ready for seed starting so I can grow the heirloom tomatoes we love so much. 

But I am proud of how far we’ve come!


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