Just for now…..

I have heard those three little words come out of my mouth more than I can count over the last year.


When your life is in transition and there is so much change happening, it’s really easy to put things off “just for now”…… to put a pile of boxes ( books, papers,..fill in blank!) over there “just for now”…..






The problem with that is….it’s exhausting to live with so much uncertainty all the time.

It’s stressful trying to accomplish things that should be easy but you can’t find what you need or remember where you put it!


Things are better in some areas. Part of the kitchen is settled so cooking and baking are easier!


Even though we only have the toilet hooked up, having the shelves and cupboards at least set up in the bathroom makes it feel more, well, like a bathroom!



I was working outside in the garden and talking to my plants ( what? doesn’t everyone?!) and I realized that the whole “just for now” attitude, needs an adjustment.

I need to get things out together as I want them, NEED them, to be.

No more organized chaos…well no more than I normally have going on!

So starting today, I am putting this place together and not just for now. We are going to be living without everything done for a while. There is still so much left to do and waiting till everything is finished before I hang pictures and put out the doilies is just silly.




It’s coming together for sure… there have been some drastic improvements!



So I am off to paint some shelves and clear some piles!!


What piles could your life do without?


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