Things have been moving along nicely.  We now have electricity… and yes we may have turned switches on and off while grinning like idiots!….and running water!


The kitchen is here…thanks Dad…well mostly.  I have temporary  counter tops  and no drywall  BUT

I have a working fridge, stove and at least cold running water for now.

Also, we now have..drumroll please…



Yesterday Tom  took down the temporary wall between the living room and the back door. This is the area that had the worst damage and we had to pull a lot of subfloor up. Which left it a bit drafty.



But now that Tom had jacked up the house on that side and leveled the floor,we can open it up again.

So we went from looking at this


…notice plastic wall in right hand side…


…to this!!

The house is truly feeling like home. It’s funny how something as simple as taking down that wall has made us feel so much more open!!

The possibilities are endless.  Our options are open. We are ready for more adventures…and they are coming.



Spring is here!!!


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