Technical Difficulties?

So are they really? Difficulties, I mean. How often do we look at a challenge not as an opportunity but as an obstacle?


We have been dealing with a few opportunities here.

The opportunity to appreciate a good light to read by.


Sleeping in your own bed, in your own room!!


Having a fridge!!


Having a kitchen that is actually starting to look like a kitchen! With a stove and an oven!


Don’t get me wrong, it has been a grand adventure and I have loved every minute…well most!!…but I can feel my roots beginning to settle in. This is becoming less of a house and more of our home.

Seeing my first robins..



..having lunch on our “new” swing..


…these are the things that make all the “technical difficulties” seem pretty slight.

We have electricity now. We are working on water next. Lots of ¬†technical fun there!! But it will get done. Cupboards are starting to arrive. Soon we will have a proper kitchen and I won’t be too sad to see the piles of boxes diminish.


But I did love all those nights without the technology to distract. With time to just talk… and dream… and plan….and think about what life will bring next.





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