Getting it done!

20160118_140200 (1)

Well… this is what 6 face cords looks like when it is dumped out of a truck.



This is what removing a wall… and a hot water tank… and the furnace!!!.. looks like.



This is what a not-so-well-ventilated area looks like…lol!!


So many changes and challenges.


We have taken delivery of wonderful pile of firewood because thanks to my parents we now have a woodstove!! Which means it is MUCH warmer while we are working. It also means that I can cook, have hot water and made it possible for us to spend our first night!


It was lovely. And we will be going out again this weekend for three nights. So much easier to get things done when you don’t have to stop, clean up and leave.

One of the challenges of buying a place like this is finding and fixing all the problems, preferably before we take up residence.

Big issue right now… no vapour barrier . This means we now have to pull all the panels off the exterior walls, put up the plastic, tape the seams and then re-drywall. The drywall may have to wait a little. I am more focused on getting the house sealed up to keep us comfy. Walls can be postponed!


The office walls are done and I painted the sub-floor with Zinzer..a product that seals floor before we put next layer on. Tom will do that this weekend . The window is going to be swapped out and then this room is sealed up. With the propane heater, this will be quite comfortable when we stay.


Prosaic updates aside, the house feels like home. The house is revealing itself, slowly, softly…every day there is a new degree of familiarity..of ease and openness.  The possibilities are revealing themselves  more readily. I am excited to begin a new life here. To begin exploring this new space and what it has to offer me and I to it.

I will post more updates as we get things done. I won’t promise to be regular!!! but I will keep putting updates, thoughts…maybe a rant or two!.. as we go forward.

Thanks for listening!


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