Moving Towards A Goal

We have had a goal.


For a while… probably for almost four years.


We want to live as self-sufficiently as possible.

This is a good goal, and we have been doing many things to make it happen. We had chickens for eggs, rabbits for fertilizer (we call them “bunny berries”!), as much garden as we could cram onto our city lot. I canned everything I could think of, made as much from scratch as I could, we repurposed and recycled and saved rainwater for irrigation…


we wanted more!!


More space. More gardens. More possibilities.

Less restrictions and (really) less people and buildings and wires.


So after much thought and terror and excitement and doubt, we sold the house.


I will miss it. It was a good place for many years and allowed me to become an independent person in my own right. And then a true partner in the best sense of the word! We learned and experimented and failed and succeeded. It was glorious!

And now, a new chapter begins.


We have a new homestead. Our mantra through this craziness has been “Five acres,no neighbours”! Well…maybe one or two. But really, FIVE acres.

I dream of orchards and bees. I dream of goats and gardens. The possibilities are endless…


There is nothing here but a manufactured home that has been neglected and abandoned for years. I talk to the house as I pull rusty carpet staples and try to begin the task of reviving it. I tell it that I will take good care of it and make it feel wanted again.

The journey begins….






One thought on “Moving Towards A Goal

  1. You have a lot of courage, Lisa. I admire what you are doing. It sounds like you have a good and understanding partner with whom to share this adventure. All the best

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