The Question

As I stood there, stunned into silence, (which if you know me, you know is a rarity!), I fumbled for an answer.

“What do you DO all day?!”

I was at a loss for words.

I am never at a loss for something to do, so it was a bit odd.

I am a person who (honestly!) has never in memory, woken up and thought…”I have nothing to do!”.

I felt on the defense. When did being good at being a homemaker turn into something that must be excused..or explained….or justified?

I love being a housewife.

There…I said it…out loud even…

…and I am good at it! I bake,I cook from scratch,  I can and preserve, I sew, I clean, I budget and pay bills, I do the shopping, I garden, I make sure laundry is done, I organize our family business,…

And yet. Someone asks the question. Innocently enough, because their idea of home life is so different from ours. And I feel defensive, that what I do is somehow not so important.

Being a homemaker is the hardest  and most thankless job on earth. It used to be a job , that if done well, was recognized and appreciated. But unless there is money, fame, and promotions involved, this is not valued.

I am not saying that “all women are good for is cookin’ and cleanin'”…please! There is an art to a well-run home. Not unlike managing any business.

So let’s celebrate those who chose a more traditional role. Choices are not meant to mean only certain types of work. Every cog in the wheel has a purpose. Find yours and rejoice in it!

My new answer to the question?

Why, “Everything”



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