Happy New Year!


Wish the sun was still shining today, however we have snow coming down with enough wind to make it messy!!

The chickens and rabbits are snug in their shed. And I have a batch of potato bread rising. It will be baked off before I go to work tonight.

We look forward to this time of year at our place. There isn’t so much work to do with the gardens under snow now and the bulk of canning and preserving done. I continue to can all year long but not as much..mostly soup,stock made from leftover bones and chili when our supply runs low! Having a pressure canner means I can preserve many more things than just with a hot water canner.

I have a pile of new recipes to try and craft projects to go through. We are also researching ways to reduce our need for electricity now, so when we go off the grid, we will not need to generate as much power…but that is for the future!

Leftovers for supper (meatloaf and mashed potatoes!) home to our little house. We are blessed and life is good!


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