Changes and choices

We are going through some more changes here. As we have been trying to live a more self-sufficient life and do more things for ourselves, we have begun to understand how much things have changed, just in the last 50 years.

There are so many unnecessary products to spend your money on!! And many,  if not most,  contain chemicals of a dubious nature with unproven  consequences not only to our bodies but also to the environment in which we live.

Many of us, and I was no exception, have been taught to believe that in order to have a clean house, one had to eradicate every possible germ with the strongest possible cleaner. Everything has to be done quickly and with no effort so we can back to doing ….what?? Watching TV? Surfing the net? The advertising we are bombarded with every day warns of the dire consequence of  leaving ANY germs alive! This is simply not true. The daily exposure to naturally occurring bacteria,germs and such are what give us a strong immune system. And the effects of those chemical residues do far more long term damage than the dirt they are designed to remove.

In this house, we have stopped using those chemicals. I keep a large glass jar under the bathroom sink. When I squeeze a lemon for something I drop it in the jar and cover it with plain vinegar. I kept going until it was full. Now I just fill a spray bottle half-way with lemony vinegar and the rest with water. Cleans counters,mirrors,windows,tubs,sinks etc. and NO chemicals! Just refill the jar with white vinegar to keep it topped up! And it’s cheap!!

lemon vinegar



Notice the waxed paper? The vinegar would corrode the metal lid over time. This protects it. I also have a smaller jar with orange peels and vinegar for in the kitchen. I use it to clean the sink,cutting boards and counter!


I recommend the book “The Hundred- Year Lie : how food and medicine are destroying your health” by Randall Fitzgerald

This is some thought -altering information.This a well-researched time line of how the food and health industries evolved and some of the questions that we should be asking.


For myself and Tom, we are striving to eliminate as much of these chemicals as we can. I cleaned out a lot of beauty products and have begun making my own.

…and for the record, the deodorant I made is AWESOME! I have actually  made friends smell my pits!!

Got the recipe off

But there are lots of people out there with recipes. I picked this one because it was EASY and only four ingredients. Rub on like a paste and no marks on clothes!


Be brave! Be creative! Try something new and see what a little change in your life will bring!!


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