Challenging Ourselves

We are always trying to learn and grow around here!  We have two bunnies..we are hoping for more!! …and Mr just finished up a chicken coop (pictures to follow ). Some things are easy to accomplish and some not so much.


We have not had cable TV since April and have not missed it at all. We get a couple local channels and CBC and that is more than enough for the amount of time we spent in the house this summer. Come winter we plan on reading, crafting and borrowing movies from the library! This has been a relatively easy challenge…believe it or not!


The harder one we are working on is now. Trying to get as much plastic out of our lives as possible. Look around where you are and chances are that there is a HUGE amount of items..some you wouldn’t even think about..all around you!  I have been having a harder time with this because I am getting rid of my Tupperware.. GASP!!!  I know, I know it’s like an old friend! My mother had it, even my grandmothers used it. But I have noticed a certain…odour.. in some of the containers and some of them FEEL greasy no matter what I do.  I get the feeling that it is breaking down on me. That means I am probably eating it…ewwww!

So the plastic is painfully leaving this house.  The other big change is no more microwave.  We now have a nice little toaster oven that has also replaced the toaster!! It takes maybe 4 minutes more than the microwave to heat something up but it just tastes better! No more soggy pizza!!!


Challenge yourself today! What one thing have you always thought you should do differently but just never have? Take it on and see where that leads you!


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