May is here!

So today is May 1st!  Soon I will be packing the garden full of seeds and transplants. I spent yesterday laying out the garden using the square foot gardening method. WOW!! I can already see how efficient and neat this is going to make it!! It is hard changing your mindset about how to cram everything you possibly can into as little space as possible…but I am really committed to this change.

As you can see I am reusing some old car floor mats and will scrounge some boards and maybe old carpet to keep the aisles weed-free! Also much cleaner on the shoes and the soil is never compressed where I am planting!

Tom likes how easy it is to see where the “good” plants are…he is always worried he will pull something he shouldn’t!! (Last year he weed-whacked some volunteer tomatoes growing around the composter…oops!!)


Have a pot of liquid hand soap sitting on the stove…found a great recipe on

Go to her site it is awesome and this is a great idea!!

Have a wonderful day!!


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