April brings…SNOW!!??

I woke up yesterday as did many others in my area saying..”Are you kidding me!!?!?”. The snow was falling and the the temps had dropped considerably.  By afternoon the roofs were covered and so was the lawn…and the poor daffodils!! They had hung on so long this year with the warm burst and then cooler temperatures to slow them down. Mind you my neighbours cup and sauce magnolia has a worse go. First all the too-early buds turned a lovely brown, but a ray of hope was felt last week as some flowers struggled to emerge. Now however I fear the worst and there will be no joyous explosion of blossoms to gaze at over the fence..boo!!

The no-cable is actually going quite well.  It seems we still have 6 channels floating around in this area and if we are really in dire straits there are several places on the internet where we can get a “fix”! Even the eight year old hasn’t missed it…last weekend there were no requests to even watch TV! Tom was the biggest skeptic.  When I first mentioned the idea he looked a bit panicked at the thought! But last night he said he really doesn’t miss it and can see how much time we wasted on it. How many times have you sat down,turned on the TV and “looked” for something to watch with no purpose at all?


More new seedlings are up in the house. I planted lupines, borage and chamomille as well as basil, cauliflower,broccoli and celery on the go! We are also preparing to remove the old front sidewalk (my back hurts already!) and add new soil.

Have a great day where you are!



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