Good bye cable!

So in the interests of trying to cut as many of our expenses as possible we have cancelled our cable!!

We spend a lot of time at home and don’t go out much. So we had justified having a more expensive cable package because we didn’t spend money on restaurants or bars.

But the truth is that the money and time (which is a bigger waste!)  can be much better spent on something else…like plants for the garden or the land savings jar!

So as of April 7 we have no more cable!! The time it would take to earn that money will be more appreciated than watching yet another rerun of something.  I can sure think of several projects right now that I never seem to have time for.

The eight-year old in the house is a bit more skeptical however but summer is right around the corner and there will be lots of outside activities to keep her distracted.

We have been practicing not watching now and it’s not as bad as you might think.


Next on the agenda is to find more ways to cut as much of our spending as possible so we can live as we want without having to constantly be working. This may include ideas of things to make or produce for sale or services we can sell as needed for cash.

The rain falling today is watering in the fertilizer I put in the garden a few weeks ago when we added a truckload of fresh soil. I have a feeling we will be making a few trips more for the garden before we begin on the front yard conversion.



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