Another day…another dollar

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life and the direction I have been going in. Love my job but don’t want it to BE my life. There are so many things I can think of that I would rather be focusing my energy on than making money!!

My new mantra is “How much time to I have to work to pay for that?”  My new goal is to figure out as many ways NOT to spend any money as possible. To be able to make do with or use what we already have here so we don’t have to make money to pay for it!!

Of course there will always be things that money must buy but I am interested in the things I don’t need to spend money on.

If I do have to buy something I am going to use thrift stores because they are “recycling” too!!

I am reviewing all our expenses and bills to see what we can cut and I think that I can cut quite a bit!!

The next goal is to find ways to make enough to support without spending all our time doing it. I feel some dumpster diving coming on!! Going to visit a few local restaurants and see if I can sell them some of my excess herbs and produce this summer; this will help pay for seed and potting soil for next year. I have been reading a lot of ideas for home based businesses and there were several which look promising.



The sun is shining and there are carpets hanging on line freshening in the breeze. Hard to believe that the forecast is calling for 2 to 5 cm of snow tonight!


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