Well it’s hard to believe that March is here. Soon it will be time to work up the garden and begin to layout the new front yard garden.

The seedlings are coming along nicely. The tomatoes are growing,onions and leeks are up and today I finally see a few pepper plant sprouts. Was beginning to give up on them and wondering if I should reseed, give it a week and then try fresher seeds!


These are the tomato seeds that I saved from some heirloom tomatoes I grew in my garden. They came up better than the seed I bought at the store!


These trays are on the new rack Tom built for me by the window at the top of the basement stairs and it’s great! He used bits and pieces of stuff we had in the garage for this project. Love using what we have instead of going out and spending money on new stuff!


The finished shelves have enough height that I can start any kind of plants and grow them here for a good amount of time!


Can’t wait to get the cannas going for the flower pots!! That means the countdown is on!




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