Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!  I talked to my new granddaughter this morning. She is 4 months old and this is her first valentines. : )


Here at the house we are already making plans for spring. The tomato plants are just starting to come up! I saved some heirloom tomato seeds from 2 years ago and they are coming up better than the ones I purchased from the store. We always have a good sized garden but I would like to save more seed next year and see how many things I can keep going on my own without buying more.

Plan on having tomato and peppers which are already seeded in the house. We will also put in peas,beans,lettuce,squash,onions,carrots,beets,swiss chard,spinach, and corn. Probably a few others will come up and if we have room (lol) in they go!

This year we are going to convert the front yard into garden as well. Makes sense because we never sit out there or do anything but mow it. I plan on using a mix of herbs, flowers and plants both annual and perennial to keep it from looking TOO much like a vegetable garden! I want the neighbours to see it and think wow what a great use of space and it looks nice too. Plus with that mix I will be able to attract lots of bees and butterflies!

We will post pictures as we convert it over and hopefully what we learn as we go can be used by others to make their own garden!

More pictures of the “homestead” coming soon as well!!




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