Hello all and welcome to The Tool Shed. This is where Tom and I will be sharing our adventures as we start our new life together. Why Tool Shed you ask? Well my daughter would always tell me that I was acting “like a tool” when I would say things about my feelings for Tom or anything else she thought was not cool for Mom…Tom is a carpenter and we always said we acted “like tools” around each other! So we decided that when we get our new place we would name it The Tool Shed!!!..hence the name of this blog!

We have decided that we want to get a piece of land, build or fix up a little house and try to live as self-sufficiently as possible. We already have quite a garden and plan to expand that where we are now. We are looking into solar power,composting toilets,re-use of grey water, and trying to live as simply as possible.

This blog is going to be our record of our trials and triumphs and everything in between.

Hope to meet a lot of new friends very soon!!



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