I love seeds!  I love looking at those beautiful colour photos and dreaming of my garden. This year I tried a new company..well, new to me. Sow True Seed. They.Are. Awesome. Not only did I receive my order promptly and IN FULL…but I also got empty seed packets to save my own seed in! You … Continue reading

Scared to death…

Well it has definitely been an interesting year. I have taken my life, dumped it in a pail, shook it up hard…and then let it fly!! And for those who know me, giving up control and just letting things happen, is scary to me beyond words. I have been told that I may have a … Continue reading

A Little Perspective 

Sometimes we get so focused on just doing the day to day routines that we lose sight of where we really are. It’s easy in the daily rhythm of living… washing dishes… doing laundry… cooking meals…. to forget what has been accomplished! This was the beginning.  Notice the propane heater by the rocker? That was … Continue reading

Just for now…..

I have heard those three little words come out of my mouth more than I can count over the last year. When your life is in transition and there is so much change happening, it’s really easy to put things off “just for now”…… to put a pile of boxes ( books, papers,..fill in blank!) … Continue reading


Things have been moving along nicely.  We now have electricity… and yes we may have turned switches on and off while grinning like idiots!….and running water! The kitchen is here…thanks Dad…well mostly.  I have temporary  counter tops  and no drywall  BUT I have a working fridge, stove and at least cold running water for now. … Continue reading

Technical Difficulties?

So are they really? Difficulties, I mean. How often do we look at a challenge not as an opportunity but as an obstacle?   We have been dealing with a few opportunities here. The opportunity to appreciate a good light to read by. Sleeping in your own bed, in your own room!! Having a fridge!! … Continue reading

Progress! !?!

  Well, things are definitely progressing!   We have about half of the house vapour barriered and the sub-floor down.   The morning view is worth the work.      

Getting it done!

Well… this is what 6 face cords looks like when it is dumped out of a truck.   This is what removing a wall… and a hot water tank… and the furnace!!!.. looks like.   This is what a not-so-well-ventilated area looks like…lol!!   So many changes and challenges.   We have taken delivery of … Continue reading


It’s so hard.   When starting anything new, it is important to be very clear about the steps necessary to follow. There are very clear priorities that must be met, and in a certain order, to be successful. Patience is also important…   We need to get the electric (or hydro if you are Canadian!) … Continue reading